Specifically formulated for mature skin experiencing dryness, dull complexion, loss of volume, and deep wrinkles, this comforting and rich anti-aging cream:

  • Revitalizes and visibly improves the skin’s texture.
  • Visibly plumps the skin, brightens the complexion and reduces deep wrinkles.

Clinical Study (Combination of Mature Perfection™ Serum, Day Cream and Night Cream):

  • Total surface of wrinkles*: up to -57%
  • Wrinkle depth*: up to -23%

*Four-week clinical study on 40 women (avg. age 59 years). The Mature Perfection™ Serum was applied twice a day combined with the Mature Perfection™ Day Cream and Mature Perfection™ Night Cream, after cleansing the skin. The efficacy and tolerance of the products were tested on D0, D14 and D28. Performed by Lab. Dermo-Cosmetik (G.M. Collin) on-site. Profilometry.

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Mixed for Mature Perfection Night Cream

I purchased my first GM Collin product - Creme Hydramucine Optimal and LOVED IT! However in the winter I need a richer and heavier product. I decided to try the Mature Perfection Night Cream. My thoughts below.

What I love - I love the texture of the cream and I love how it feels on my skin.

What I dislike - The fragrance. This cream smells like a first generation face cream. I can't really explain it except to say that to me - it smells very "elderly" and has a - to my nose - strong perfume scent. Perhaps that scent is necessary in order balance out the fragrance of the chemical formulation?.... ...unsure. I am going to finish the jar as it is an investment however having used it for over two weeks now I am still struggling with the scent. It is a night cream and my husband even commented on the fragrance and he has never done so before on any of my other products.

The fragrance of the Creme Hydramucine Optimal is delightful. It is fresh, clean and I feel as though I am strolling through a garden of lightly scented flowers on a summer day.

I assumed that the Creme Hydramucine Optimal scent was a "brand" scent of all GM Collin products. Thus I do take responsibility for failing to inquire about this before I purchased the Mature Perfection Night Cream.

Thus the mixed review.

Is it bedtime yet?

I ADORE this cream. I actually can't wait until it is time to apply it at night. The texture is rich and creamy, leaving my skin supple, and vibrant with a youthful glow. Deeper wrinkles are melting away. This night cream is just the cherry on the sundae of this beautiful collection.

Nice product

This product really plump my skin, i can see the difference. I have a dry skin and really like the feel of this cream.
Yes, will buy again

Perfect Day and Night products

I love the Mature Perfection Line for my Day /Night skin routine. The texture is rich and velvety exactly what my skin needs when menopause.

Ma routine quotidienne

J’aime beaucoup utiliser cette crème de nuit avec la crème de jour Mature Perfection. Facile à utiliser, belle texture riche et réconfortante, et je me réveille avec la peau hydratée et illuminée

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After the appropriate G.M. Collin cleanser, mist and serum, apply the quantity best suited for your individual skin absorption.
Frequency: Evening.

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